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Having a bad day? Please enjoy these penguins on a water slide!

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This Photographer Captures The Incredible Human Side Of Animals

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Drop this and let the whole world feel it.

Strasbourg, France

Schinkel’s design for the completed Cathedral, Strasbourg



Just a reminder:

When Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was travelling on the road with his cousin, Al-Fadl ibn Abbas, a woman stopped him to ask him a question.  The woman was very beautiful, and Al-Fadl couldn’t help but stare at her.

Seeing this, Prophet Muhammad reached out his hand and turned his cousin’s face away.

He didn’t tell the woman to cover her face.

He didn’t tell her to change her clothing.

He didn’t tell her that her appearance was too tempting or indecent.

He averted his cousin’s impolite stare.

If you have not yet read or watched Persepolis, you really really really need to.

Its very punk rock.

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"Food is the most primitive form of comfort"

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Miami Beach, Leo Caillard

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